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Economic Study: Encina to locate $1.1B facility in Northumberland County, PA

June 20, 2023

PMA conducted an economic model to quantify the magnitude of Encina’s $1.1 billion investment in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, by estimating the number of jobs, labor income, value added, and total output.

Encina’s advanced manufacturing facility in Point Township, Pennsylvania, will be the first of its kind in the region. This state-of-the-art, $1.1 billion manufacturing facility will convert post-use materials into feedstock for new products. From sneakers and sports equipment to laundry detergent and deodorant, Encina’s technology will help address the challenges of post-use product and reduce the need for virgin materials to advance a circular, sustainable economy.

While the goods produced by manufacturing plants such as the one proposed in this study are manufactured goods themselves, they are the feedstock for many other manufacturing processes and thus, the multiplier effect of these facilities is immense.

Based on the findings generated by IMPLAN, the direct, indirect, and induced jobs created by the construction total 990. This represents $101,549,902 in labor income, $122,826,806 in value added, and $271,212,084 million in total output over the 24 months of construction completion in 2022-dollar values.

The direct, indirect, and induced jobs created by the sustained manufacturing activity account for 966 jobs, and $138,383,208 in labor income, $196,675,937 in value added, spurring $613,602,900 in total output, per year, in 2022 dollars, not accounting for natural inflation.

Five-year projection: The combined total of the construction and operations over the next five years will result in 1,956 jobs supported, $516,699,526 in labor income, $712,854,617 in value added, and $2,112,020,784 in total output, not accounting for inflation. These totals are not necessarily inclusive of the $1.1 billion upfront investment by Encina, but some of these totals will be inclusive of this estimate.

Read the full study here!