PMA's Anton to PLC 2016: Stay Focused on PA Statewide Elections

Fred Anton opened the 2016 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC) in Harrisburg this past weekend with a word of caution: with the presidential election dominating the headlines, don’t lose focus on Senator Pat Toomey’s re-election and the elections of the down ticket Republicans.

“The Senate will have a big impact on who sits on the Supreme Court,” said Anton, who chairs both the PLC and the PMA. “In six states GOP senators are in jeopardy. Pat Toomey is a solid conservative and we have to get him re-elected.”

Powerful House GOP Majority in Good Hands

On November 4th, the Pennsylvania electorate turned right and included in the General Assembly’s sweep a more conservative Pennsylvania House of Representatives. A week later those lawmakers in turn elected a House leadership team* that will have a clear set of priorities ready for action when the two-year session begins in January. The agenda will hinge on what incoming Majority Whip Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) described as “creating an environment that encourages job creation – private sector job creation”.