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The Pennsylvania Society: 125 Years of Community, Civility, and Charity

December 07, 2023
Step into the world of influential Pennsylvania leaders as PMA’s David N. Taylor engages in a thought-provoking interview with Elizabeth Preate Havey, President of The Pennsylvania Society. Together, they explore the 125-year history and enduring traditions of The Pennsylvania Society, shedding light on its cultural significance and the pivotal role it plays in connecting the state’s prominent figures. David highlights PMA’s contribution to The Pennsylvania Society through its flagship event, the Annual Seminar and Luncheon.

As the conversation unfolds, Elizabeth offers a glimpse into the future and shares how she aims to cultivate a vibrant and diverse community that extends The Pennsylvania Society’s influence well into the future. This insightful interview provides a front-row seat to the past, present, and future of Pennsylvania’s societal fabric.