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In continuous publication since 1913, the PMA Legislative Bulletin is the association’s official newsletter on business, governmental, and political affairs. Issued on the first and fifteenth of each month, The Bulletin is a concise, readable, and expertly informed digest of events and trends in public policy. While focused primarily on state government, The Bulletin also provides news on urgent federal issues as well as the activities of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation. Special editions of The Bulletin are issued as needed.


“Free markets and the celebration of capitalism” was the theme of the 30th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC), and as U.S.

Pennsylvania manufacturers face a heartrending problem. Many of their job openings -- 71,000 in 2018 by The Manufacturing Institute’s reckoning -- are squandered.

Lawmakers are again gearing up to send Governor Tom Wolf legislation that would not only help break the poverty cycle for many, but also rein in runaway costs in providing health care for the poor.

Pennsylvania health care providers and the public -- as patients and future patients – received a reprieve when the Supreme Court agreed to delay reverting to a pre-2003 administrative rule allowin

In preparing his budget proposal, Governor Tom Wolf apparently missed, or conveniently ignored, news reports of the January U.S. job totals.

The nuclear industry in Pennsylvania finds itself begging for admission to the final phase of President Reagan’s description of how government imposes its will on business: “If it stops moving, sub

Governor Wolf recently joined a regional compact of eight other states and Washington D.C. to reduce carbon from motor vehicle emissions.

Pennsylvania’s leading advocacy group for manufacturers recently received a national business group’s top award for its work engaging businesses and their employees in key elections this past Novem

Last year, former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz caused a stir when a group they founded -- the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) -- came out in support of a carbon ta

Last week Governor Tom Wolf vetoed SB 1172, saying that the proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s Price Gouging Act would undermine consumer protections during a declared emergency, when the law kicks

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