PMA Bulletin

In continuous publication since 1913, the PMA Legislative Bulletin is the association’s official newsletter on business, governmental, and political affairs. Issued on the first and fifteenth of each month, The Bulletin is a concise, readable, and expertly informed digest of events and trends in public policy. While focused primarily on state government, The Bulletin also provides news on urgent federal issues as well as the activities of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation. Special editions of The Bulletin are issued as needed.


Joe Biden is walking a tightrope in attempts to secure support of the far left of the Democratic Party without alienating moderates.

Two Northeast Pennsylvania lawmakers led the charge to enact a local resource tax credit for manufacturers who use methane (natural gas) to make fertilizer, fuel, and other products.

Legislation that would provide urgently needed liability protections for manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE), and healthcare practitioners and providers during a declared pandemic

The General Assembly has approved a concurrent resolution to revoke Gov.

Nearly lost in the media’s focus on the Wolf Administration’s autocratic handling of the commonwealth’s coronavirus pandemic response was the recent double-rejection of the governor’s carbon dioxid

Pressure grows daily on the Wolf administration to reveal its rationale, if any exists, behind a waiver process that classifies some businesses as “essential,” but forces others to close during the

Late Friday, the Mexican government announced that it would reopen its automotive factories, which it had earlier closed as “non-essential” businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pennsylvania’s billboard lawyers are drooling over the potential end to a rule that requires medical malpractice lawsuits to be tried in the county where the harm is alleged to have occurred.

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