PMA Bulletin

In continuous publication since 1913, the PMA Legislative Bulletin is the association’s official newsletter on business, governmental, and political affairs. Issued on the first and fifteenth of each month, The Bulletin is a concise, readable, and expertly informed digest of events and trends in public policy. While focused primarily on state government, The Bulletin also provides news on urgent federal issues as well as the activities of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation. Special editions of The Bulletin are issued as needed.


On February 8, Governor Tom Wolf will have billions of reasons to ask lawmakers to send him legislation that cuts business tax rates, and not legislation to increase them; unlike his previous reque

The blow to the nation’s economy from the massive expansion of the nanny state in Joe Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) proposal would extend beyond fueling an already troubling level of inflation.

The residents of Northeast Pennsylvania hit the jackpot recently thanks in part to a manufacturing tax credit enacted in 2020 to attract multi-million dollar investments in our natural gas industry

The all-out assault on Pennsylvania’s world-class energy industry by a small, yet increasingly vocal, group of rabid environmentalists is what keeps state Sen.

Key elements of the disastrous business waiver process implemented by Gov.

Last Friday, the General Assembly approved a $40.8 billion state spending plan for FYI 2021-22, without raising taxes.

The timing of the first day of the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC), the annual congregation of the commonwealth’s leading conservative activists, seemed like divine intervention.

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