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Open your wallets; Wolf on crusade against carbon

Governor Wolf recently joined a regional compact of eight other states and Washington D.C. to reduce carbon from motor vehicle emissions. The newly formed “Transportation and Climate Initiative” has a hopeful government promo line: cap-and-invest. But if this latest top-down market meddling follows the same path as the program it’s modeled on, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that targets power plants - and nothing suggests it won’t - it should be more aptly tagged tax-and-impoverish.

Workers, Not High-Earners, Are the Real Winners with Tax Reform

President Donald Trump, in a bold claim echoed by economists and business leaders, said his tax reform plan will be “like rocket fuel” for the economy. Last week, the U.S. House set the stage to approve that plan.

To get it to the President’s desk by end of the calendar year, Republican Leaders will have to reinforce some in their ranks against the tired litany that pro-growth tax relief is a “giveaway to the rich.”  

Criminals Disguised As Protestors Pay Under Scott Martin Legislation

Senator Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) has cleverly taken a well-established principle in the retail business and applied it to protestors who corrupt the right to free speech: you break it, you bought it.

The Commonwealth Cost Reimbursement Act Legislation (SB 743), which Martin introduced with five other Senate Republicans, including Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson), would allow the local police or a local or state government to petition the courts to require protestors to cover the damages, including the costs of arrests, they leave behind.

“Zero emissions credits” for radioactive waste?

Late last week, a federal judge in Illinois dismissed a lawsuit filed against a one-year-old state law that subsidizes nuclear power through higher bills on residential and business customers. On Monday, the Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA), the lead plaintiff seeking an injunction, appealed the ruling to the 7th Circuit in Illinois, but the judge’s dismissal of the suit serves as a cautionary tale for a coalition of business and consumer interests in Pennsylvania working against such a law here: stop it from ever getting enacted in the first place.

Testimony before the House Democratic Policy Committee

No matter what product is being made, manufacturers are taking raw materials or component parts and going through a multi-state process to yield a finished good.  In doing so, they are almost always deploying some kind of chemical process and consuming a large amount of energy. For some manufacturers, energy is their most expensive cost input, which is why manufacturers require available, affordable, and reliable energy. 

Pipeline Infrastructure in Pennsylvania: Connecting Energy to Jobs

Think About Energy panel to examine connecting infrastructure development to jobs and opportunities

HUNTINGDON, Pa. April 24, 2017 — ​On Wednesday, April 26, energy industry leaders will convene for a “Think About Energy: Connecting Energy to Jobs and Opportunities” panel discussion to examine the importance and impact of pipeline infrastructure build-out in Pennsylvania and the U.S.