PMA Responds to Governor Wolf's Veto of House Bill 1100

March 27, 2020


Mr. David N. Taylor

The following can be attributed to David N. Taylor, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association.

“Today, Governor Wolf killed off a billion dollars in upfront capital investment, hundreds of millions of dollars in wages to construct and staff the new plants, and more than 3,500 direct, indirect, and induced jobs across the areas of Pennsylvania that need them the most when he vetoed House Bill 1100.”

“We’ve seen the success that a production-based, Pennsylvania-focused tax incentive can bring to our commonwealth. Right now, there are 6,500 construction jobs in western Pennsylvania because of a similar program and we want the hardworking folks of northeast Pennsylvania to have the same opportunity.”

“State decision-makers should work to attract and retain natural gas synthesis manufacturing because these types of facilities have a massive multiplier effect. Entire economies are centered around this economic activity and can sustain regions for generations, That is the future Governor Wolf forfeited with this veto.”

“House Bill 1100 was passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support in the General Assembly, was supported by both business and labor, and balanced environmental and industrial needs. This bill meant high-paying jobs for Pennsylvania's skilled tradesmen and workers at a time of great economic crisis. We are deeply disappointed in Governor Wolf’s decision to veto this important legislation.”

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