PMA Hires Experienced Director to Film and Market “PMA Perspective”, Other Film Projects

Joseph Robert Cooper (Coop to his friends) is the guy off-stage who makes everything go as planned on-stage. As the newly hired Media Manager at PMA, Cooper will ensure that “PMA Perspective” and other new video projects are produced seamlessly and on time, and he will take on the double duty of promoting the show beyond its Sunday time slot on PCN.

“We’ll use web sites, social media, all the available tools to make sure the show gets maximum penetration,” Cooper said. “Our ultimate goal is syndication where a station is paying us to air the show. We’re convinced the quality will be that good.”

Cooper has the know-how and brainpower to pull this ambitious endeavor off. He directed news shows at WGAL for four years after graduating from Elizabethtown College in 2009. He noted that directing at WGAL was perfect background for his work at PMA because it was like “…three jobs in one. You really had a chance to learn the entire business from rolling the tape to even working on the scripts,” the Reading native said.

Cooper started at Elizabethtown College as a biochemistry major, then gravitated towards the visual arts and communications. He completed his degree in Corporate Communications, specializing in branding, marketing, and advertising – all of which will help shape the direction of “PMA Perspective.”

“It’s going to be more than just another roundtable or opinion show,” Cooper said. “We’re going to show how the decisions made in Harrisburg and Washington affect us all.”