PMA Applauds High Court Decision on Obama Power Plan

The Supreme Court of the United States halted the implementation of the "Clean Power Plan" yet the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) continues to fast track a state implementation plan. The decision on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 does not permit the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to move forward with official state implementation plans related to the "Clean Power Plan." PMA testified on numerous occasions warning of this very circumstance we find ourselves in today as we stated:

“Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection should not rush to comply with the unconstitutional federal power grab being proposed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 'Clean Power Plan.' The impacts of these regulations threaten Pennsylvania’s business competitiveness. Additionally, top legal experts believe the plan will not survive judicial review, so it is reckless for Pennsylvania to accelerate compliance with regulations that have yet to be finalized. Premature compliance with these highly suspect regulations will result in massive economic pain for zero environmental gain.” For full remarks, click here.

The Wolf Administration has stated that they will continue to move forward with public comments and stakeholder workgroups. The Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association applauds the decision of the high court and we again respectfully ask that policy makers continue to weigh the astronomical costs associated with this disastrous public policy proposal against the negligible environmental impacts.


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