Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Joins The Let America Lead Coalition

For Immediate Release: September 25, 2018

Organization Is Making Case To President Trump
That Kigali Amendment Puts America First

WASHINGTON, D.C – The Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association announced today it has joined the Let America Lead coalition as its newest member. The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association joins founding members of the coalition, including the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S Chamber of Commerce, the American Chemistry Council and the American Council for Capital Formation.

“Manufacturers support the Kigali Amendment ‎and would like to see it ratified by the Senate,” said Ross Eisenberg, Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy at the National Association of Manufacturers. “It is a smart, effective agreement that improves air quality and combats climate change in a way that protects manufacturing competitiveness and creates jobs.”

National, state, and local leaders, manufacturers, businesses, and working Americans in Pennsylvania and across the country have come together to demonstrate to President Trump why support for the Kigali Amendment is a win for American workers and urge him to send it to the U.S. Senate for ratification.

“President Trump’s record demonstrates his commitment to making leadership decisions based on their ability to deliver for American workers and American families. Our nation’s manufacturers - large and small - serve as the foundation of our nation’s strength and will see positive benefits from the Kigali Amendment,” said George David Banks, President Trump’s former adviser on international energy and environment policy who is serving as a Senior Advisor to Let America Lead. “Establishing a platform for conservative voices, working Americans and members of the manufacturing community to demonstrate support for this international trade agreement will help President Trump hear from people he values most why it is such a powerful opportunity to level the playing field for America.”

The announcement follows a recent series of public statements of support for Kigali Amendment ratification. In May, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute and the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy released a new economic study conducted by Inforum and JBS Consulting. The study demonstrates the job creation and economic growth benefits of ratification, including the creation of 33,000 manufacturing jobs and 117,000 indirect jobs by 2027. It will also increase manufacturing exports by $5 billion while reducing imports by nearly $7 billion to improve the balance of trade.

About Let America Lead:  Let America Lead stands for the rights of American businesses to innovate and sell in global markets the products made possible by their research and development here at home. Doing so will create good-paying American jobs, positively impact our domestic economy and benefit the environment. For more information, visit