PA Steel Alliance Notches a Win With New Law

A new law that will eliminate what the bill’s sponsor calls a “ridiculous amount of paper work,” under the 1978 Steel Products Procurement Act, is a victory for the Pennsylvania Steel Alliance - a management/labor coalition working to keep steel jobs in America.

“We worked very closely with the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. John Baer (R-Lancaster), on this one,” said Chris Masciantonio, co-chair of the Alliance and General Manager, State Government Affairs, US Steel. “It’s a win for us all.”

Bear said the bill amends the 1978 law that 75 percent of steel used in publicly-funded construction projects be made in America by exempting some products where it’s difficult to determine where the steel was made.

“Sometimes it takes months to determine that the steel used in a lighting fixture was actually 75 percent made in America,” Baer said. “The delays and paper work were a nightmare. This bill would exempt certain products, but only for a year.”

Under this legislation, the exemption list would contain machinery and equipment that are steel products not produced in the United States in sufficient quantities and will be published on the Department of General Services’ publicly accessible website. It would also be required to be updated annually. 

The bill, HB 1850, also won support from the Associated Builder and Contractors and the state Department of General Services.