Oil and Gas Byproducts: Powering Modern Medicine and our Healthcare System

June 7, 2022
Oil and Gas Byproducts: Powering Modern Medicine and our Healthcare System
Joint Hearing:
House Health Committee &
House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Carl A. Marrara
Executive Director

Good morning, Chairwoman Rapp, Chairman Frankel, Chairman Metcalfe, Chairman Vitali, and all esteemed members of the House Health and House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. I am Carl A. Marrara, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. Thank you for the opportunity to present to you today on the topic of: “oil and gas byproducts: powering modern medicine and our healthcare system.”

Founded in 1909 by Bucks County industrialist Joseph R. Grundy, the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association is the nonprofit, statewide trade organization representing the manufacturing sector, it’s 540,000 employees on the plant floor, millions of additional jobs in supporting industries, and more than $92.3 billion in gross state product in Pennsylvania’s public policy process.

Should you find yourself in a medical center, take notice of the materials around you. Perhaps it would be easier to pinpoint what does not have a foundational root in petrochemicals as opposed to those that do. Every piece of tubing, connected to a machine full of specialty metals, coatings, batteries, plugged into a wall with an antimicrobial coating, supported by walls constructed with resins, the wiring inside coated by plastics, the machine plugged into the wall for electricity likely generated by natural gas. The scrubs the medical staff are wearing contain synthetic fibers derived from petrochemicals, the medical masks, the face shields, the latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves that protect our health care workers all have their foundational footprint in petrochemicals. The packages and containers that keep sterile all the tools, dressings, and medications all share this in common, as well.

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