Lowman Henry Remarks

Lowman Henry

Remarks by

Lowman Henry, Chairman

Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association

At the annual PMA Seminar

December 2, 2017


Good morning.

Joining us this morning is the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association including PMA President/CEO David Taylor, Paul Detwiler, Jake Haulk, Thomas Owlett, John Trombetta and we are especially pleased to have with us Frederick W. Anton, IV

As you know on Thursday, November 2nd the long-time Chairman & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association Frederick W. Anton, III passed away.

We gather here this morning for one of the great Pennsylvania traditions that define Fred’s legacy. 

Fred Anton began working for the PMA Insurance Company in 1962 rising in 1975 to become President of what is today known as the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association and PMA Foundation.

Within a couple of years Fred decided the annual celebration of our great commonwealth known as the Pennsylvania Society gathering here in New York City needed a serious discussion of the successes and challenges confronting the state.  Thus began the annual Saturday morning PMA seminar.

Newly elected Governor Dick Thornburgh set the precedent of governors and U.S. Senators from both political parties speaking each year at this event.  They have been joined over the years by other statewide elected officials, congressional, legislative and municipal leaders.  And, of course, from time-to-time, candidates for these high offices. 

The annual PMA seminar serves every year as a bipartisan forum for the exchange of ideas and for movers and shakers to enjoy a time of camaraderie.  

Fred not only cared deeply about those at the top of the political ladder, but in the weeks since his passing the most often repeated tribute to him has been the title of “mentor.”  He always took the time to give advice and counsel, and frequently financial and political support to young people and to those new to the world of government and public policy.

That gave rise to the other cornerstone of his legacy, the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference which is today the largest and longest-running state level grassroots conservative conference in the nation due to Fred’s unwavering support of that event. 

And while Fred was dedicated to pushing a pro-growth agenda both in Harrisburg and in Washington, D.C., he possessed what is perhaps the most rare of qualities: that you could be powerful and influential, yet still have time and listen to the weakest of voices.  You could be highly principled, yet honor friendship.  You could fight passionately for your cause, yet do so in a respectful and proper manner.

We the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association reaffirm our commitment to PMA’s mission which is to improve Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness by advancing pro-growth public policies that reduce the baseline costs of creating and keeping jobs in the commonwealth, including spending restraint, tax relief, limits on lawsuit abuse, regulatory reform and a prepared workforce. 

These are the principles that guided Fred Anton every day during his stewardship of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association.

His loving family – Emily, Fred and Sarah will miss him greatly as will all of us.  To honor his memory we turn to the words of President Abraham Lincoln spoken at another time and another context at the great battlefield at Gettysburg: “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. 

He did advance it nobly, and we will be so dedicated.

Please join me now for a moment of silence in remembrance of Frederick W. Anton, III


I will now turn the program over to the President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association, David Taylor . . .