Corbett Budget Keeps Government Focused on Core Functions -- Transportation

Transportation Funding

Our roads and bridges are not only costing us millions in delays and vehicle repairs but they are dangerous as well. Fifty years is the average age for a Pennsylvania bridge and PennDOT classifies more than 4000 bridges as structurally deficient. These deficiencies cause rerouting, shipping delays, and hazardous situations on a daily basis.

Traditional funding sources from the state and federal gas taxes have been falling behind for years. Cars are getting many more miles per gallon and the per-gallon taxes were never tied to inflation.

Governor Corbett proposes lifting a cap on the wholesale price of fuel, which was set at $1.25 a gallon in an age when no one imagined the price for gas getting higher than that. His Budget Office predicts that eliminating the cap will raise slightly less than $2 billion a year. To soften any increase at the pump (difficult to predict because the increase in the tax is on the wholesale level) he is asking for a 17 percent reduction in the 12 cent-a-gallon state tax levied at the pump.

The proposal is in line with what the business community supports, and one recommended by his own Transportation Funding Advisory Commission. Transportation infrastructure is a vital government function and an adequately funded system is needed to move people and goods safely and efficiently.