PMA Bulletin

In continuous publication since 1913, the PMA Legislative Bulletin is the association’s official newsletter on business, governmental, and political affairs. Issued on the first and fifteenth of each month, The Bulletin is a concise, readable, and expertly informed digest of events and trends in public policy. While focused primarily on state government, The Bulletin also provides news on urgent federal issues as well as the activities of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation. Special editions of The Bulletin are issued as needed.


General Assembly Lowers State Borrowing Limit While National Debt Keeps Climbing

Labor Reform Says: “You Broke It, You Bought It”

No War on Coal? Bridge in New York for Sale

Lawmakers Work to Lighten Regulatory Burden for Job Creators

Stop Big Labor's Protection Racket

Champion of Reform Targets More Than Legislative Perks

Death to the Death Tax!

Manufacturing Sector Gains New Focus from General Assembly

A Third Sensible and On-Time State Budget

Have you ever had a nightmare and no matter how many times you try to wake up, it just keeps coming back?

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