PMA Voter Engagement

Election 2014 is almost here and there is a quick, easy, and risk-free way for you to disseminate pertinent political and policy information to your colleagues and employees. Employees trust their employers for political and policy information more than any other source. In fact, according to market research by the Business and Industry Political Action Committee, employees trust their employers for this critical information more than political parties and traditional news media outlets combined. However, fewer than two in ten employers are actually giving this information to their employees, often citing fear of legal compliance and the sensitive nature of political discussions in the workplace.

Those worries are put to rest when employers utilize the tools available with the PMA Advocacy Portal. From the portal, voters can find their elected officials, review voting scorecards for those office holders, write letters to their representatives on policy issues, and even access voter registration and “GOTV” messaging.

Employees are interested in this information and appreciate hearing from their employers. Of employees surveyed, only 1 percent viewed receiving policy and political information from their employer as being counterproductive. Conversely, employees who received information from their employer were 57 percent more likely to write a letter to their legislator on a public policy issue.

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