Legal Reform

Replace the current system of electing judges with merit selection. Stop venue shopping in personal injury suits. Enact a statute of repose in product liability cases. Shield innocent sellers from product liability suits.

Budget, Transportation Early Concerns of New Legislative Session

The 2013-14 legislative session, with 23 new lawmakers, began on January 1 under a constitutional requirement that swearing in occur the first Tuesday in January. The new members will have little time to adjust to the rules and routine as they will have to embrace transportation funding, liquor privatization, another tight budget, and we at PMA hope they will tackle key business issues left over from last year.

The Bulletin -- September 19, 2012

PA’s Legal Climate Turning Business Away

A recent survey of corporate attorneys found that a state’s legal climate is a significant determining factor in a business’s decision to locate or expand there. The survey results bode poorly for Pennsylvania’s competitiveness.

Behind the Headlines

Dave Taylor appears on Behind the Headlines to discuss Prevailing Wage.