Business Taxes

Reduce the Corporate Net Income Tax, at 9.99 percent the second highest in the country. Stay on track for final phase-out of the Capital Stock & Franchise Tax. Maintain fight against corporations reporting all taxes from all jurisdictions (combined reporting). 

PMA Bulletin -- July 31, 2013

Death to the Death Tax!

Despite grumbling over what didn’t happen this past June, there is at least one major accomplishment that deserves more attention. In the tax code enacted with the General Fund budget, the General Assembly eliminated the inheritance tax -- more appropriately the “death tax” -- levied on a business when sons, daughters, or other family heirs take leadership of it upon the death of the owner.

PMA Bulletin -- July 3, 2013

A Third Sensible and On-Time State Budget

The good news is that the General Assembly sent Governor Corbett a $27.83 billion budget that supports record investment in education, including science, technology, engineering, and math programs and vital job training initiatives throughout the commonwealth. This is a pro-jobs budget consistent with the same successful elements Pennsylvania has seen since Governor Corbett took office, aiding in the creation of more than 125,000 private sector jobs.

Frederick W. Anton III to Appear On PA Newsmakers

This week’s Pennsylvania Newsmakers features a Business Roundtable discussion of the major issues confronting the state legislature, as well as Common Core standards. Joining host Terry Madonna are business leaders Fred Anton, CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association, Gene Barr, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, and Dave Patti, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Business Council.

Time to End Capital Stock and Franchise Tax Nightmare

Have you ever had a nightmare and no matter how many times you try to wake up, it just keeps coming back? Businesses in Pennsylvania that are paying the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax know this problem all too well. Pennsylvania businesses and the commonwealth’s economy have been taxed an extra $6.9 billion thanks to four delays in the past 13 years of the phase-out of the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax (CSFT). Now, some lawmakers are proposing delaying -- yet again -- the elimination of the tax, a proposal that has many in the business community in disbelief.

PMA Bulletin -- April 24, 2013

Manufacturers Given Opportunity to Reinvest: Another Initiative of the Governor's Manufacturing Advisory Council Report

An innovative policy to stimulate investment in manufacturing now awaits action in the Pennsylvania House. State Rep. Tommy Sankey (R-Clearfield) recently introduced HB 869, which allows smaller manufacturers to set aside pre-tax money to cover future costs much the same way an individual would set up an IRA or a health savings account. The plan is modeled on an existing program in Connecticut.