Senator Vulakovich - A Conservative Who Loves to Fight for Change

Senator Vulakovich - A Conservative Who Loves to Fight for Change

Steve Bloom – Legislator, Author, and Patriot

Steve Bloom is as “free market” as they come. “No economic system in the history of the world has worked as well as the free market to bring people from poverty to prosperity and free them from oppression,” Bloom said in a recent interview with the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association.

Evankovich Grounded in the Basics


In 2010, Eli Evankovich left a job as a financial analyst with U.S. Steel to run for a state House district that, on paper, wasn’t likely to welcome his Republican registration. The 54th legislative district in Westmoreland and Armstrong counties is nearly two-to-one Democratic in registration and had voted that way for decades.

“I owed it to my three kids. I don’t like the direction the country is headed and I don’t like what it was going to mean to them down the road.”

Frederick W. Anton III to Appear On PA Newsmakers

This week’s Pennsylvania Newsmakers features a Business Roundtable discussion of the major issues confronting the state legislature, as well as Common Core standards. Joining host Terry Madonna are business leaders Fred Anton, CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association, Gene Barr, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, and Dave Patti, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Business Council.

The Effects of Pennsylvania’s Capital Stock and Franchise Tax

The Effects of Pennsylvania’s Capital Stock and Franchise Tax

Reforms to PA's Corporate Tax Structure

CompetePA's statement on the best way to stimulate growth and job creation in the Commomwealth. Click here to read the release. 

Through a Caddie's Eyes

PMA’s President & CEO, Frederick W. Anton III, was profiled by author Michael Bamberger in an article published on June 10, 2013 in Sports Illustrated Golf. Through a Caddie’s Eyes is an examination of Mr. Anton’s love of the game and the rich history that he has experienced since he was a bag carrier at the Merion Golf Club in 1950. Click here to read the full story.

Strong Majority of PA Voters Want Liquor Privatization

Latest poll demonstrates continuing public support for getting Pennsylvania out of the booze business

Ballooning Federal Government Cited in Washington Scandals

Governor Corbett continually cautions that we must restrain spending and keep government focused on its core functions. This is a lesson often missed in Washington.

“There’s a direct correlation between government size and spending and infringement on rights,” said PMA Executive Director David N. Taylor. “That’s why Governor Corbett repeatedly mentions the need for keeping government powers under control.”

The IRS scandal is a symptom of a government whose spending and need for control is itself out of control.


After saying jobs are top priority, Senator then proposes making them more expensive to create