Governor Corbett Basic Ed Formula

Governor Corbett Backs “More Equitable” Funding Method in Basic Ed Formula  

Governor Tom Corbett recently said that Pennsylvania’s school funding systems should be changed to “a true funding system” that is fair to all schools.

On January 14, the House cleared legislation, House Bill 1738, sponsored by Bernie O’Neill (R-29), that establishes a bipartisan commission to study and make recommendations for a new formula for distributing state funding to K-12 education. 

The Governor’s spokesman Jay Pagni said the administration looks forward to working with Representative O’Neil and other lawmakers to develop “a more equitable” formula.

The legislation is modeled after a special education funding commission, which was formed earlier this year by O'Neill and State Senator Pat Browne, (R-16). That commission recommends tying future increases in special education funding to the severity of a child's needs.

The commission charged to study the basic education formula would be comprised of equal representation from the House and Senate majority and minority caucuses, along with representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the governor’s administration. 

Commission members would be tasked with developing a formula that takes into account each school district’s market value/personal income aid ratio, equalized millage rate, geographic price differences, enrollment levels, local support, and other factors.